Call For Art, Signification Show

signification art show poster

A1labarts is hosting an Open Call For Art exploring *unaccounted for interpretations* that lead to the creation of new worlds.

Attitudes and assumptions are built into human language and art. Theoretically, we should be able to predict human activities based on what people communicate. Instead people interpret meaning that signifies more than expected. They do this often and in unexpected ways! They are inspired by what they understand and see and they extend boundaries.

Artists interested in unaccounted creativity and in making work about previously invisible sites within a work, where there is a creation of new worlds and universes that extend further than ‘all there is’, are invited to submit artwork and a written description. Pieces can take a diversity of forms. Curation will be guided by the work’s relationship to the theme, the creativity and originality of the work, idea or approach and the merit of the maker. Interactivity in any form will be a plus but is not required.

In order to better understand your work as it relates to the theme of the show, please write a paragraph about what work your art is a derivative of, and how this derivation and world creation fit’s into the trajectory of your artistic practice.

Send your submission to: by July 25th, 2016