Curator’s Note on ‘Diptych Project’

A1LabArts Fall Member Exhibit of 2016 was entitled The Diptych Project.

Curated by member Neranza Noel Blount, 24 members were randomly paired to exchange their own original works of art over the summer. They then had three months to create a piece to go with their partner’s piece to form a diptych. Members who did not want to participate in the project also exhibited their own diptychs.

Diptych Project at A1labarts
Diptych Project at A1labarts

See works on exhibit:

See the Opening Reception showing many of the artists by their work:

See the Closing Reception showing some of the artists talking about their work:

The Grand Prize Winning Partners were Melanie Kidder and Elizabeth Porter. Here is a video of Kidder talking about the process she went through to produce her work.